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Be Safe with Covid Tracking

Real time monitoring of infections, demography, and symptoms of the COVID using prognosis technology paves way for disease management. Find course of infections, evaluation of prevention protocol from containment regions, and in-time disease condition.

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COVID-19 Across India

The COVID-19 Virtual Kit helps in identifying and tracking Disease Hotspots.

9,431,691 Confirmed Cases
446,952 Active Cases
8,847,600 Recovered
137,139 Deceased
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How does COVID Virtual Kit work?

This COVID kit integrates cutting-edge technology of sensors, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence along with clinical phenotype models for COVID variants, which provides cloudcare-based solutions.

Working Process

Register for COVID Care

We offer complete healthcare monitoring and follow-up for COVID.

Virtual Test Kit

We help in identifying and tracking the Disease Hotspots.

Digital Management

The COVID cloudcare brings quick and flexible applications for complete healthcare.

Why COVID Virtual Kit ?

Keep You Safe

With the Health Monitoring feature, you can recognize any potential health problem and keep yourself safe.

Keeps your near and dear ones safe

By identifying any possible COVID-19 symptoms, the COVID Virtual Kit allows you to ensure the safety of your near and dear ones.

Keeps India at large safe

By tracking down Disease Hotspots near you, you can help keep the entire country safe at large and prevent the spreading of COVID-19.

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