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mHospitals brings to you high-quality cardiac care in your home. We connect you to experienced Cardiologists that provide quality cardiac consultancy. Connect with us today!

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Cardiac care services & treatment for complex cardiovascular diseases

Cardiac Care

With our world-class partner hospitals and doctors, mHospitals helps you secure the best quality of cardiac-care. In addition to services like online consultation, chat, and telemedicine, we have a dedicated team of doctors who are experts in cardiology and experienced in performing the most complex of cardiac treatments and procedures like :

Biventricular pacing
Catheter Ablation
Coronary artery bypass grafting
Drug therapy
Heart transplantation
LDL apheresis
Maze procedure
Pacemaker defibrillator
Robotic heart surgery
Septal ablation
Thoracic Endovascular
Aneurysm Repair (TEVAR)
Trans-catheter closure
Ventricular assist device
Video-assisted thoracoscopy