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Myths surrounding cardiovascular diseases

In a layman’s terms, heart diseases or blood vessels diseases, are extremely deadly and life-threatening medical conditions. The common reason behind almost all of these diseases is the narrowing or clogging of the arteries. If, for some reason, arteries get blocked or narrower, it results in the hampering of blood circulation and flow.

Cardiovascular diseases are one of the largest causes of death throughout the world and yet, there is little awareness about these diseases. Even among the handful of people who know a little about cardiac emergencies, the knowledge is usually tainted with a lot of myths and confusions. Keeping in mind the seriousness and fatality of these diseases, it is really important that these myths get busted.

Some of such confusions and myths are as follows:

  • If it runs in the family, you are bound to suffer from a heart disease

    It is true that if you have a family history of heart diseases, you are more likely to have one, but it does not mean that you will surely be a victim of such a condition. The genetic factors only make you a little more prone and susceptible to cardiac conditions. If you have a family history of heart diseases, you need to be extra careful to prevent it. Some of the most effective measures are to check blood pressure regularly, avoid smoking, and to exercise regularly.

  • If suffering from a cardiac disease or if recently survived a heart attack, one should not exercise

    The primary thing that one needs to know about exercising is that is has uncountable benefits. Even for people suffering from a cardiac disease, a light routine of exercise can prove to be highly beneficial in terms of blood circulation. If the patient has a workout routine that has been designed especially for him by a doctor of physiotherapist, he should continue with it.

  • Medication for diabetes also helps in prevention of heart diseases

    If one follows a prescribed medication schedule or protocol for diabetes, it only helps in keeping the sugar level in the blood in control. However, it is to be understood that it does not remove the risks of cardiovascular diseases. Besides maintaining the correct sugar level in the blood, one also needs to maintain correct blood pressure and avoid high cholesterol in order to avoid cardiac diseases.

  • Only old people suffer from cardiovascular diseases This is one of the biggest myths about cardiovascular diseases. People usually associate life-threatening diseases with old age. The general perception is that young people do not need to worry about cardiovascular diseases.

    The fact is that the age of a person has little to do with the health of his heart. It is the lifestyle of the person that impacts the heart condition the most. It is important for people to know that even young people can develop cholesterol issues, blocked arteries, and issues of blood pressure. With the world moving more and more towards lifestyles that include smoking, drinking, and other harmful practices, the young people are also prone to cardiovascular diseases. It is advised that people take effective preventive measures.

These are some of the most common myths about cardiovascular diseases that people tend to believe. However, the fact is that they are not true at all. Moreover, the most effective way to prevent cardiovascular diseases is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The state of the heart of a person is a direct consequence or result of his lifestyle habits. So, switch to a healthier lifestyle today and save your heart!